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Businesses in Southbank

15 Oct 2013

We all know Southgate’s attraction for tourists. The restaurants and bars set along the picturesque riverfront ensure there is always a rush of people around, but increasingly, Southgate is catering for locals’ needs as well.

This is especially (but not exclusively) the case on the podium level. The cluster of “everyday” services includes medical care, a newsagency and hair and beauty services.

Southgate’s Jo Gartner told Southbank Local News she hoped that, as the residential population in Southbank continued to grow rapidly, these businesses would come in handy for locals.

“With a range of services available here at Southgate, locals can find key everyday needs without having to travel all the way over to the CBD,” Ms Gartner said.

It’s little wonder more locals are coming into Southgate, given the extensive list of services on the podium level:

Southgate Medical Centre;
Southgate Pharmacy;
Eyes on Southgate;
Southgate News and Lotto;
Mark’s Service Depot;
iBag Intelligent Drycleaning;
Rooprani Hair and Beauty Salon;
Flight Centre; and
Max Therapy on the mid level.

With growing concerns over amenities for residents in our ever growing suburb, it’s reassuring Southgate is providing these services all in one place.

“Providing a range of local services complements our diverse mix of restaurants and retailers to provide an even greater experience for our local residents,” Ms Gartner explained.

Will you get your estate in order?

It may not be a particularly pleasant thought, but it is an important one.

Estates and wills are becoming more important and when you see a statistic like 50 per cent of Victorians not having a will when they die, it’s easy to understand why Rigby Cooke lawyers are all too familiar with the pitfalls.

Rigby Cooke’s Rachael Grabovic has lived in Southbank for 10 years. She’s also an accredited wills and estates specialist. She hopes to help fellow locals who want to get their affairs in order.

“It’s all about peace of mind really,” Ms Grabovic explained. “When you do die without a will, the ramifications can be quite hard on people.”

Ms Grabovic explained that you’re really sorting out your estate for the benefit of your loved ones, after you’ve gone. Rigby Cooke is expert at guiding people through this difficult process.

“You want to make sure it’s a smooth process for people. We understand they’re already grieving, but you don’t want to leave the stress of financial issues as well,” she explained.

“Clients should come to us and tick off all the boxes.”

Ms Grabovic also explained just how confusing estates could be in the digital age, particularly when someone passes unexpectedly.

“We look after everything, not just wills. Super, life insurance and, increasingly, digital assets,” she explained.

“It goes further than social networks. Bank accounts and utilities bills are often accessed exclusively online these days, so it’s important to have a plan in place.”

Rigby Cooke is based on LaTrobe St in the city and is one of Melbourne’s oldest commercial law firms, with origins dating back to the 1840s.

While Ms Grabovic certainly hasn’t been around that long, she is the best person to speak to when dealing with these matters. As she summed up to Southbank Local News: “Overall, we always try to be sympathetic and empathetic when dealing with death.”

To book a free 30 minute consultation call 9321 7888 or for more information on Rigby Cooke head to the website

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