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Businesses in Southbank

12 Feb 2015

Businesses in Southbank Image

Broad Bean Organic Grocer’s Andrew Crompton said he and co-owner Paul Bullivant couldn’t be happier with the Southbank community’s response since opening their doors a year ago.

“Everything that has happened so far has really exceeded our expectations and we’ve been really delighted with the warm welcome we’ve had to Southbank,” he said.

“As local residents we felt that there really was a hole to be filled in Southbank for good healthy organic food people have really embraced it.”

From the very beginning, Andrew said he and Paul went into establishing the business with a great deal of conviction, as organic, wholesome and healthy living was something the pair were truly passionate about.

As well as groceries, Broad Bean offers everything organic from smoothies, cold-pressed juices and fresh meals; through to gluten-free or vegan-friendly raw treats and cruelty-free personal care and household products.

Andrew said if the first year had taught them anything, it was that shopping for quality organic groceries doesn’t have to be a chore.

“What we’ve really learnt is that the desire is for everyday grocery lines,” he said. “Not to be too much of a specialty shop but to be a shop where people can come in and visit and shop any day and everyday.”

“We wanted it to be a really welcoming space where there’s a bit of warmth amongst the concrete jungle, that doing a nightly shop is not something that you dread on the way home. It’s actually something that you look forward to.”

In response to growing demand from customers, Broad Bean Organic Grocer now also offers certified organic coffee.

Having done extensive research, the pair settled on a local roaster for their beans – Allpress Espresso in Collingwood.

Andrew said he and Paul had always enjoyed AllPress coffee without realising that it produced a certified organic blend.

“When we started researching who was the right coffee roaster to partner with we were absolutely thrilled that Allpress do a certified organic blend,” he said.

“Melbourne is renowned for great coffee, so we wanted a great tasting coffee using beans that are freshly roasted but are also free from pesticides and artificial chemicals in every step of the process. The Allpress organic blend ticks all the boxes”

With the business continuing to go from strength to strength in Southbank, Andrew said he, Paul and the Broad Bean team were grateful for being part of such a wonderful community.

“The support has been tremendous and we are really humbled that people are continuing to support us and that we can be a part of a really thoughtful and aware community,” he said.

Broad Bean Organic Grocer is open seven days a week at Shop 3, 26 Fanning St Southbank.

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