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11 Jun 2015

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Expert property advice a stone’s throw from Southbank

Owner of Residential Property (RP) and Conveyancing Specialists Andrina Hamer is your local property expert.

With more than 10 years experience in conveyancing and 16 in the legal profession, Ms Hamer has operated the licensed South Melbourne-based conveyancing company for the past two years.

While mainly a solo operation, RP Conveyancing continues to grow, which she said was a reflection of providing a friendly, comprehensive and local service for its clients.

“It’s been really good and they’re all happy and they like to have somebody local, which can be difficult,” she said. “The CBD is full of solicitors but it’s very saturated so it’s always good to have someone local.”

“I do have a solicitor who backs me if something does go wrong and we do need that legal advice, I do have a solicitor that we can turn to so we offer that as well as a peace of mind for our clients.”

RP Conveyancing specialises in a range of services including purchase and sale of residential and commercial property, subdivisions, off-the plan purchases and sales, transfers between spouses/domestic partners, free pre-purchase contract perusals and title insurance.

Located down the road from Southbank at 171 Moray St, Ms Hamer said the business was committed to offering competitive rates while maintaining a personal approach with all of its clients.

“I love this area, it’s really vibrant,” she said. “You get all different walks of life so it’s great you never know who’s going to walk through the door or what type of person you’re going to get or what they’re buying.”

“You get your first homeowners down to your most experienced investors and it’s great.”

Beyond conveyancing, the company’s range of recommended partners can assist clients with expert service and advice in everything from property investment, pre-purchase inspections and mortgages, through to refinancing, financial planning, wills and more.

Ms Hamer said it was important to always stay ahead of the game in order to cater for all her client’s diverse range of needs.

“The Government is constantly changing its mind so you’ve got to keep up with the laws changing and first home owners grants,” she said.

“With some clients they want you to hold their hand and step their way through it, which we’re happy to do. Others just say we’ll just leave it all to you and call us when it’s done so everyone’s different, which is great.”

“So it’s just a matter of understanding everyone’s needs and dealing with them as they come up.”

As for working just seconds from Southbank, Ms Hamer said it was exciting to be within touching distance to Melbourne’s vibrant home of high-rise.

“The shops, the casino, the restaurants, the big buildings! It’s close to the CBD without being right in the hustle and bustle of it and it’s beautiful along the water,” she said.

“And as for all the new buildings it’s obviously a popular place to live and it’s just out from the city, which is perfect.”

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