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12 Nov 2015

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Broad Bean’s in season!

With the festive season fast approaching, there is no need to look any further for fresh foods and seasonal produce this Christmas than your local Broad Bean Organic Grocer.

Now entering the warmer end of the year, owners Andrew and Paul said they were excited to be reintroducing some classic summer favourites back into the shop.

“This is an exciting part of the year because the seasonal produce that will be growing well and abundant is summer fruits such as watermelons, grapes, cherries, blueberries, strawberries and stone fruits,” Andrew said.

“Everybody loves cherries on the Christmas table so we look forward to having a really good selection of organic cherries and other seasonal berries.”

Since opening their doors to the community nearly two years ago, Andrew and Paul have made it their business to source only quality-certified organic produce when in season.

“We choose certified-organic as it is free from synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers and they do not contain GMOs. They are not processed using any chemical food additives, preservatives or synthetic colourings,” Andrew said.

Open everyday until Christmas, Paul said locals could also expect an array of other exciting new fresh organic Christmas favourites to complement their summer produce.

“This year we’ve been able to source a really great range of organic locally, hand-made Christmas goods. We’ll have organic Christmas puddings, fruit mince pies, organic candy canes, custards, cranberry sauce, shortbread biscuits and more,” he said.

“It’s great that people can still enjoy their favourite parts of Christmas but without all of the preservatives and nasties that you might find in a conventional product. So the traditional fruit mince pies aren’t going to have preservatives and yet they are still going to taste as good as you remember.”

The boys said they were also looking forward to introducing a number of new cold pressed juice and smoothie recipes incorporating some of the new seasonal produce available, to help locals stay cool this summer.

It’s all part of Broad Bean’s unwavering pledge as Southbank’s local grocer to respond to the needs of all of its customers, which is something that has seen the business continue to go from strength to strength.

“We always respond to what people are requesting and what people are buying the most so that our customers can find what they need but also discover something new that they would like to try,” Andrew said.

“It’s nice when a customer comes in and asks us if we can get in a particular product just for them and we put it on the shelves and suddenly it’s everyone’s favourite.”

There has been no more fitting example of this than the store’s introduction of certified organic coffee earlier this year, which has quickly grown into becoming a favourite of many locals.  

Being Southbank residents themselves, Andrew said he and Paul always saw it as a privilege to be able to provide their community with quality and healthy organic groceries.

“We see it as a privilege to be part of the everyday routines of our customers and to provide them with exactly what they are looking for whenever they walk into the shop,” he said.

Broad Bean Organic Grocer is open seven days a week and is located on Fanning St, Southbank.

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