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Health and Wellbeing

09 Nov 2017

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Soups, salads, patience and supplements

Soups and salads 

Looking for a great way to alter your eating habits to not only lose weight but improve your nutritional intake? 

Studies have shown that by eating a small salad (100 calories) or big bowl of vegetable soup before your main meal cuts overall calories consumed for the entire meal by 12 per cent and 20 per cent respectively!

So that way you are increasing your fruit and/or vegetable intake whilst reducing all of the other calorie, fat and sugar-laden other options that you would normally have instead.

We all know the importance of increasing our fruit and vegetable intake and this is one such way of doing so, whilst helping the waistline in the process! 


I get personal training clients wanting, demanding and expecting results almost immediately. Sure, it happens that way quite frequently for some but for some others it takes time.

My slowest and possibly worst case of recent memory was a Southbank local who followed all that I asked of him physically and nutritionally. The problem was that his weight just wouldn’t shift!

Admittedly he would ideally only like to lose a total of 10kgs, but it took 15 weeks for him to lose 1kg! In that time, he was close to quitting, had a negative mindset yet I re-assured him that he was on the right track and setting up sustainable exercise and nutrition habits for life. 

Ever since then he has continued to lose weight almost weekly and has now lost 7kgs in the last 12 weeks. More importantly, he has increase his muscle by 2.7 per cent and reduced his body fat by 5 per cent, is fitter and stronger than he has been in years and has a very positive attitude to health and fitness. 

Be patient and set up accountabilities to keep yourself on track and look toward the bigger picture and that is health and fitness forever – and not just now. 

Nutritional supplements 

If you read any health and fitness magazine, follow any health and fitness “supposed” gurus on Instagram and they will all tell you and ram down your throat the need for sports and nutritional supplements.

It is big business and much money to be made. But do you really need them? The answer to this question most often is no and you are simply wasting your money! 

Sure, there are many supplements that we do need and aid our immune system and if prescribed by your GP that knows you and your deficiencies, then go for it. But to be told by your personal trainer, some naturopaths, some chiropractors and some masseurs to name a few, then you need to ask yourself are they selling you them because they get some sort of financial kickback and why do you need them?

The mere fact is that much of what we do need can be sourced from our diets and the money you spend on supplements could be much better spent seeing a fully qualified dietitian or nutritionist (ask for proof of their qualifications and don’t see a “health coach” for this) and they will help set you on the right path and educate yourself in the process.

Sadly, the supplement business is built on scaremongering and focusing on one small bit of research and neglecting the bigger picture. Save your money.

For a more information, exercise guidance or if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime at

Justin Moran - Personal Trainer

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