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Mental health makes our physical health

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Health and Wellbeing

14 Dec 2017

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Mental health makes our physical health

I have a Southbank client that I have trained now for over six months. In that time, he has progressed from being a yo-yo exerciser to a consistent exerciser and made some amazing physical results.

Behind all of that though, is a constant battle with an unknown “gut” issue. IBS and gluten intolerance have been the major “go to” diagnoses but there is something else and it has been bugging my client now for close to three months. He has had many blood and allergy tests which have left him none the wiser and it is really starting to get him down.

So, whilst he is fit, physically healthy and kicking goals with his training and body shape, what lies beneath is the very real prospect of an eating disorder or depression.

The point of this article is to make sure that you invest the time and effort to look after your mental health just as much if not more than your physical health as it is so very important.

I will be working on him to explore options to keep on top of this but be sure to make sure you are mentally healthy.

Apartment gym inductions

As the majority of Southbank residents live in apartment buildings and the majority of them have gyms, it is not uncommon that you will have had to endure either an “in-person” gym, pool and facility induction (we conduct them weekly at Eureka Tower) or, with the latest advancements in technology, you may have viewed an “online video induction” (we have these at Freshwater Place, The Guilfoyle and, in 2018, Triptych).

Interestingly enough, I am amazed at the lack of exercise knowledge or how to perform correct technique. I see so many generic and archaic programs in my travels from one apartment gym to another and I think it is time that you possibly give thought to having a personal trainer either check over your technique with exercises or, better still, invest in two to four sessions to design an up-to-date, effective gym program designed specifically for you.

A gym induction is just the first step in showing you through a facility and outlining the rules and guidelines but there is not the time to ensure you are doing things properly and maximising your time to achieve the results you are looking for.

Hydration energy drinks

I am continually blown away with a typical cafe or food outlet drinks fridge.

The majority of it is taken up by Coke, other soft drink brands, iced teas, energy drinks, sports drinks and usually a section for water.

The varieties provided are obviously dictated by the consumer and, sadly, copious amounts of the crap stuff are purchased daily.

Don’t get me wrong, the occasional soft-drink is fine but regularly and in some cases daily? Don’t get me started on energy drinks – do we really even need them? Eat well, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep and you are energised every day from the moment you jump out of bed.

The sad reality is that all of these drinks contain way too many calories and do not hydrate you. Water has zero calories!

That means you can drink an abundance and you won’t put on any fat! Please note though that the water that you do drink obviously weighs something and whilst it may add that volume to the scales, it is little to be worried about.

Our brain requires heaps of water and our exercising bodies do too, so get rid of the drinks you don’t need and fill up on water!

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