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06 Oct 2016

Giving up on crime?

I was astounded by a comment made by Snr Sgt Steve Bills of Southbank police in the Septemer edition of Southbank Local News.

Referring to local thefts, he stated: “These are crimes that are never going to be solved by police.”

In July, I had my motorcycle stolen from my supposedly secure car spot, in a well-known Southbank apartment building. A police report was made and, since then, nothing. No follow up with building security to view CCTV footage, no contact with me or my insurance company.

Hardly any wonder these crimes will never be solved by police if they can’t be bothered to investigate.


Tower is too high

I’m hoping you might be able to help with stopping, or at least getting a building that has been proposed in our area changed, to a more sensible size.

The developer first applied for a 42-storey building in an area that is zoned at 15 metres (Dodds St) and 40 metres (Sturt St).

As this building will have two addresses, the developer is trying to get the maximum height advantage, but has applied for nearly double the allowed size.

We all know it has already compromised down to 21-storeys. This is still double the recommended height for the Malthouse precinct.

The Arts Precinct was always designed as a special area for people to enjoy its closeness to the CBD but have the tranquility and quietness of being a very special area. I’m sure you’ll agree.

You will surely appreciate the Arts Precinct area for its low-level developments and its quiet streets. This building will house 500 to 750 people, result in extra cars looking for car parking and experience many visitors.

We feel that the entrance to the main building will be in Sturt St right adjacent to the existing Power St off-ramp from the Domain Tunnel and the Monash. So, therefore, the only obvious place for the other car park entrance will have to be in Dodds St. This is going to create a great deal of traffic congestion in this very quiet street.

There was a precedent set many years ago at 147 Sturt St when a developer tried to build a multi-story building. It was declined on the grounds that it would split the local community feel of the area, as all existing buildings in this area are very low level.

I am willing to meet with you anytime it suits you and we can have a chat or go for a walk and have a look for yourself.                 


People are not represented

It was not long ago that I attended the Southbank Master Plan community meeting where I heard a common theme.

Then, talking with residents and shop owners around South Wharf and Docklands, I heard a very similar theme again.

People don’t feel that their views are represented at city council.

I am wanting to make a difference.

Joseph Sarraf

609/1 Freshwater Place

Talking about flooding …

I am writing in response to Peter’s Letter to the Editor entitled “Living in Floodbank” published in the August edition of Southbank Local News.  

In his letter Peter encourages SRA to take serious advocacy steps on the matter of flooding along Whiteman St.  

Our members have previously made us aware of the problem and the recent newspaper articles Peter referenced were in fact a direct result of SRA bringing the matter to the SLN editor’s attention.

In addition, our president, Tony Penna, has discussed this problem with Councillors and if residents or workers in Southbank who are concerned about this issue would like to attend our Meet the Candidates event on Thursday, October 13, they will be able to put questions to candidates directly.

We welcome the report Peter intends to write and encourage him to get in touch with us directly at about this matter or any other concerns regarding Southbank that he would like to discuss.

Tracey Allen
Southbank Residents Association

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