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Montague Community Alliance

14 Dec 2017

‘tis the season to be grateful … tra la la la…

Aha so you’re thinking I’m going to get all Christmassy and spiritual on you, no, no, no… not this column folks.

But not to be too curmudgeonly, it is the time of the year we reflect on what we did, or did not achieve and what we did, or did not enjoy and hopefully find aspects that we are grateful for.

So here are ours …

Our first thank you is to all the people who attended our 2017 Montague Community Forums, the very interactive audiences and all the speakers who gave their time and expertise to provide us with information and debate. We will be continuing in 2018 and will be focusing on the plans for the Montague Precinct as soon as they are finalised.

Secondly, to our communities. Thank you for being our neighbours and for the greetings and smiles and the grumpiness and the frustrations. We need it all to know we are engaged in the same wonderful Montague community.

Our fourth thank you – and this takes me to a thank you that is interesting for us here at the Montague Community Alliance. A thank you (in arrears and in advance) to the developers, councillors, council officers, state planners, Fishermans Bend Task Force and all the construction and other workers that will operate within our special and close community over the next 12 months. We thank you for remembering that the houses/buildings you park outside and loudly chat at 6am, have residents, babies, workers and the elderly.

We thank the planners for remembering that we (quite a few of us) are already living and working in Montague and we have full residential and business lives, which we live now not sometime in the future. We thank the council officers who will monitor and manage, those developers and builders who work outside mandated hours and use our permit parking as their own.

The fifth is a big thank you to Sean Car and Southbank Local News, the voice of South Wharf and Montague (quite a mouthful)! Thank-you Sean for your support of the Montague Community Alliance the Montague Precinct and the new primary school (whatever it will be called), we are very grateful to you and your publisher. The Community Forum’s would never have been so successful without your input and support. Thank you for letting us have a voice in the paper, adding Montague on to your masthead and distribution list and for encouraging our Montague members to contribute to the paper in developing stories of the history of Montague.

The sixth to our colleagues, employers, clients and customers thanks for working with us and keeping us paid.

And the final thank you is to the most important people, our friends and family whose support and good humour keeps us grounded and connected.

We wish you all the best of the festive season, stay safe and be grateful for we have so much to be grateful for.

And finally, Happy New Year and we look forward to chatting in 2018.


Trisha Avery

Convener - Montague Community Alliance

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