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10 Nov 2016

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Illusive Archibald

By Sean Car

Artist and Southbank resident Rachelle Taylor says she is determined to realise an illusive dream of gaining an entry into the prestigious Archibald Prize.

Having now submitted four entries to Australia’s most important portraiture competition, the Kavanagh St resident has come painfully close to being considered for the prize on a number of occasions.  

While she is still yet to realise her dream, she told Southbank Local News that she had been fortunate enough to paint some pretty incredible people along her journey including the likes of former sports scientist Dick Telford AM, former ACCC chairman professor Allan Fels and comedian Adam Hills.  

“It’s been an incredible experience painting all these people so hopefully one day I’ll get in,” Rachelle said. “Having these opportunities to meet and talk to these people has been amazing.”

“It is such an iconic competition in Australia so it would be a dream come true to crack it eventually!”

Her most recent entry, which was a portrait of Australian philanthropist and media icon Harold Mitchell AC, came fifth in The People’s Choice award at Hilton South Wharf’s 2016 Victorian Salon des Refusés Exhibition Hidden Faces.

Most renowned for founding his own media company Mitchell Group Communication, Harold has devoted time and expertise to the arts, cultural institutions and festivals – including the National Gallery of Australia, Melbourne Museum and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to name a few.

Rachelle said having the privilege to meet and paint Mr Mitchell in his favourite Melbourne restaurant The European while wearing a tuxedo crafted for his 70th birthday had been an incredible experience.

“I was upset when I didn’t get into the Archibald because it would have been so nice to acknowledge his contribution with the incredible amount of things that he’s done for the creative industries in Australia,” she said.

“We were both really happy with it. I think with the time we had it was a great result and we were both really proud of it, which is the main thing.”

Melbourne born and bred, Rachelle grew up in Glen Waverly and Mount Eliza and her academic and professional background has led her to a number of pursuits in marketing, communications, graphic design and visual arts.

She told Southbank Local News that her master of visual arts, which focused on a video and photographic investigation on sleep, came about through an interest in wanting to explore her own previous case of insomnia.  

Her recent portrait Salvador On My Mind, which was part of this project, recently won the 2016 People’s Choice for the annual portrait prize at the Cambridge Studio Gallery in Collingwood.  

And while she is still yet to achieve her illusive dream of an Archibald entry, she said she loved collaborating with people who inspired her.

“I see every portrait as collaboration between me and the sitter and you have to really arrive at something that you can both feel proud of,” she said.

“I guess they’ve all been people that I have connected with. Generosity is a probably a key linkage in all of them. Generosity, resilience and good senses of humour all around!”

As for living in Southbank for the last three years, she said life had never been more convenient!  

“I think it is the most convenient place I’ve ever lived just for walking to work and just access to everything,” she said.

“I used to live in South Yarra and I was amazed when I came here how convenient things were and I love the Boyd Community Hub.”

“I love the library and the yoga on Saturday mornings. I would love to use one of its artist studio spaces one day too!”

Rachelle’s winning piece Salvador On My Mind will feature as part of an exhibition opening on December 10.

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