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We Live Here

10 Mar 2016

The support and feed-back for the We Live Here Movement has been overwhelming since our December launch.

Thank you to everyone that continues to visit our website to keep up to date or register as a supporter. We are growing in number as people become aware of the movement and we are proud to say that we now advocate for more than 70 buildings.

As the movement gathers momentum We Live Here is now being recognised as a genuine voice for residents and community groups grappling with issues arising from inner city living that are not being adequately addressed.

This month’s column will focus on issues facing two community groups that have invited We Live Here to lend support.

City Schools 4 City Kids

City Schools 4 City Kids are actively lobbying for local, inclusive and quality education for both primary and secondary students living in the inner city communities of Melbourne for which there are NO schools.

The government has known of reports showing a critical CBD shortage and subsequent surrounding school overcrowding for over five years with little action!

City Schools 4 City Kids has taken its case to Parliament where a forum and morning tea was held on February 25.  We encourage you to sign the group’s Facebook petition at:

Development of Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

A small group of Docklands residents dedicated to ensuring that residents are given a voice in deciding the final plans for the development of Harbour Esplanade are now being supported by the We Live Here movement.

Harbour Esplanade is an area that has been overlooked and neglected by authorities during the development of Docklands. It is clearly the most vital carriageway in all of Docklands and provides Melbourne with its only true urban waterfront.

The Harbour Esplanade Master Plan created with Places Victoria now receives approval oversight from the Melbourne City Council. We hope that their oversight is sufficiently strong and informed to create the Harbour Esplanade needed by the public – visitors, workers and residents – and not one that just suits the developers!

Consideration of a linear park, street-level water views and traffic flows are imperative. Further information can be found at

Short-stay apartments

In our previous column we referred to the Independent Panel on Short Stays. We are still awaiting the Government report.

The stance of the We Live Here Movement is for the government to legislate for stays of 30 days or more, which is consistent with a Residential Tenancy Agreement.

Anything less and residential apartments operate as hotel-style accommodation which is not what Class 2 residential buildings were designed for.

We need the government to hear us, the people that actually work and enjoy living in high density inner city areas.

We would like to work with all levels of government to find solutions to the many and varied issues that are unique to this mode of living.

Please continue to support us, by joining up via our website, and encourage other like-minded residents to join up as well.

We also welcome and encourage input and contributions from YOU on the issues that affect YOU.    

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