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Carnage on Kavanagh St

06 Apr 2017

Carnage on Kavanagh St Image

A wild car chase on April 2 resulted in severe damage to several parked cars on Kavanagh St.

A 24-year-old Hoppers Crossing man was charged following a series of crashes in Southbank, which occurred just after midnight.

Police had originally attempted to intercept the Holden Commodore on Exhibition St in the CBD. However, as police approached the vehicle it sped off.

Police pursued the vehicle along St Kilda Rd, where it’s alleged to have sideswiped a car and crashed into the rear of another stopped at a red light, before it turned right into Southbank Boulevard.

Witnesses told Southbank Local News that the car was travelling at low speeds when it lost control, taking out a sign on the median strip of Kavanagh St before smashing into parked cars.  

The vehicle allegedly swiped four parallel-parked cars near the corner of Southbank Boulevard before smashing into cars parked diagonally further up the street.

Southbank Condos resident Glen Lapham said he heard the crash from his apartment on the 19th level.

“I heard a screeching noise it sounded like a real chattering. I later realised it was the car’s wheel rim scraping the road because the car was damaged,” he said.

“I got to the window and heard the crash and four or five police cars arrived within 10 seconds. There was a lot of police.”  

Southside Gardens resident Ahmet Atasever described the incident as like something out of “a scene from a movie”.

“We were sitting in our apartment watching TV and we heard this screeching get louder and louder. I originally thought it was someone doing a burnout and being silly,” he said.

“I then heard a loud series of bangs and saw a white car that looked pretty dinged up. Then I just saw everyone from the car fleeing.”

“They all ran but there wasn’t much of a chase for three of them police were there in seconds. One of the guys somehow got into the apartment block across the street.”

Witnesses said police stormed into the Southbank Condos multi-level car park but were unable to find the man in the car park. According to Mr Atasever, the man was wearing a red hoodie.

The driver and two 20-year-old women were quickly apprehended. However police have been unable to confirm whether a fourth person was involved.

The two women were questioned by police but were released pending further enquiries. The driver was taken to hospital for observation and was released into custody on the same day.

He has been charged with reckless conduct causing serious injury; handle/receive/retention of stolen goods; driving in a dangerous manner; evading police; three counts of failing to stop after an accident; careless driving; driving an unregistered vehicle; driving while unlicensed and conducting an indictable offence while on bail.

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