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Learning the ropes

07 Apr 2016

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Profile by Sean Car

While we’re used to meeting the accomplished graduates and teachers of the Photography Studies College (PSC), first year student Mo Ng is only just beginning her journey to potential greatness.

The mother of two and former IT specialist said, like many others in her course, the motivation to pursue photography was something she only realised a little later in life.

After initially signing up to a six-month course with the intention of solely learning the technical aspects of the art form, she said it only drove her to want to learn more about photography’s creative aspects.

“Initially I just wanted to see how much I could learn and I found that I learnt a lot within that six months so I’ve decided to continue,” she said.

“I’ve never been a creative person, so this is the most creative thing I’ve ever done and that’s why I feel like I can continue to learn a lot more creatively.”

Having just started her second semester of an Advanced Diploma of Photography part-time, she said she had already learned many new things about her own creative abilities behind a lens.

And while teachers still encourage students in the early phase of their journeys to sample a range of different themes and mediums, Mo said she had already developed a strong interest in both travel and urban street photography.

“I’m trying to challenge myself a little bit with that style with minimalism and pulling out details from the urban environment,” she said.

“Then again, the assignment right now is focused on urban landscape so I’m trying to take that into account when I walk through the city or anywhere to look at the big picture as well as going into the details.”

Looking forward to further study, she said she held no expectations on what she may discover about herself and she is keen to maintain an open mind as she continues the rest of her course.

“I don’t want to close off anything and I think that’s what they do at the start of the course is not to close any doors off and just try everything,” she said.  

“The teachers are all working photographers and they’re all different. Some have their own art exhibits. We all come in with different skills and they are very good with helping all needs,” she said.

“I think in the six months you get the technical aspects but if people need a little bit of help creatively it’s definitely worthwhile doing the course.”

She said the college fostered a wonderful learning environment and recommended anyone considering learning more about photography to give it a go.

“Everyone is in a similar boat and we all come in once a week on Fridays and love catching up and discussing what we’ve ben doing during the week,” she said.

“People will tell what they’ve been trying and then we can go home and work on it ourselves so we all have similar interests, which is great and we help each other out. I love it here!”

To view some more of Mo’s works follow her on Instagram @mngphoto.

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