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Meet Owen Guest

05 May 2016

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While the Labor Party has held a stronghold on Melbourne Ports since 1906, new Liberal candidate Owen Guest said he’s ready to take the challenge up to sitting member Michael Danby.

With a July 2 election now imminent, Australia faces the prospect of its sixth prime ministerial change since 2007.

On the other end of the scale, Melbourne Ports faces the prospect of its first change in federal representation since 1998 and its first change in party representation in more than 100 years.

And with only 7 per cent having separated current member Michael Danby from previous Liberal candidate Kevin Ekendahl at the 2013 federal election, Owen Guest knows change is an increasing likelihood.

“For 100 years now it’s been a Labor electorate and obviously I think that’s 100 years too long,” Mr Guest said. “The days of Melbourne Ports being dominated by manufacturing industries are fading.”

“We have more white collar professionals moving into the area and one of the key factors is not only are they moving in but they’re staying.”

“They’re bringing up families here. No longer are they saying ‘right we’re off to the outer burbs’.  They’re now choosing to stay and that’s really key.”

Son of former Victorian State politician James Guest who was the member for Monash from 1976-1996, Owen has a strong political pedigree.

A long-time inner-city resident, Owen currently lives in East Melbourne with wife Annabelle and their two children.

With a doctorate in economics and finance, as well as 20 years experience running his own financial trading company Owen said he felt he was well placed to be entering politics.

“I’ve enjoyed giving back to my various communities and social groups for the last 15 years and I feel like I’m at that stage of life where I’m able to and I think I have something to give with my financial background,” he said.

“Australia is well placed financially but we need to make some good decisions now and I think can help in that process.”

With the back end of the resources boom seeing Australia’s economy at a major transition point, Owen said, if elected, he would use his experience to promote small business and entrepreneurs both locally and nationally.

While he believed there was a significant role for the federal government to play for local planning, education and transport, he said an issue he was particularly passionate about was preserving our local environment.

“The environment is not a one-party issue. It’s an issue for all of us and we’re all increasingly aware that we need to act.”

“We’re a bayside community and, as a bayside community, we care about our bay, we care about the quality of the air that we breath and to bring business and the environment together is important to me.”

“I’m really keen to get into parliament and do what I can for Melbourne Ports.”

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