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Third ear music

26 Oct 2014

Third ear music Image

By Chloe Strahan

Two master musicians, David Jones and Evri Evripidou, invite you to their magical Third Ear Music performance at the Melbourne Recital Centre.

Having played together since 2000, David and Evri create a blissful atmosphere on stage, which explores music in its purest form.

“Evri is quite a maestro of bass and composition. He really is one of the world’s greatest musicians,” David said.

Eliminating nearly all visuals, the musicians will perform for 70 minutes, in what David calls a “continuous stream of consciousness”. The lighting in the room will be subdued with short periods of complete darkness.

David said the idea of Third Ear Music was to emphasise even the subtlest sounds, which could often go unnoticed during live musical performances.

“If you are playing a small sound in a fully-lit room, that might be missed. Visually there may be something that is more stimulating.”

The performance will be accompanied by some beautiful visuals in the semi-darkened room for a cinematic experience.

“Every sound has such a significant power and beauty,” David said.

Using their expertise in drums and bass, the pair incorporates synthesisers and looping to create the illusion of having three or four people on stage. Both musicians have mastered their instrument to the extreme, leaping out of the box to create music not normally associated with drums and bass.

The duo will be improvising the majority of their set, with aims to generate an ambient and meditative atmosphere, while incorporating groove and rhythmic beats.

“The aim is to create beauty,” David said. “Everyone will have a different experience, which is hopefully a beautiful and even blissful experience.”

David has been a successful musician for over four decades, and has supported big name artists such as James Morrison and John Farnham.

“When we are improvising together, all the different influences from the different people that Evri and I have played with really come through in the music,” David said.

“Because we are playing from an improvisational point of view we really get to explore these influences.”

Never knowing exactly what to expect, the audience will have the opportunity to be a part of the music, with David hinting at a clever technologic trick that gives the audience a chance to join in.

David said he was thrilled to perform with Evri again, and excited to connect with the audience through sound.

“Every time we play there has been beautiful music made that is never to be repeated, and this will be the same,” David said.

The performance is part of the Recital Centre’s Mood Indigo program, which is dedicated to exploring the genres of jazz, blues and their offspring (funk, soul, fusion and pop). Mood Indigo features intimate concerts from Australian and International jazz artists.

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