A sustainable merger

Two Fishermans Bend environmental groups amalgamated last month to form Westgate Biodiversity: Bili Nursery and Landcare.

As Fishermans Bend transitions to Australia’s largest urban renewal area, local native plant nursery the St Kilda Indigenous Nursery Cooperative (SKINC) and Friends of Westgate Park have merged to provide a force equipped to cope with rapid change in the area.

Having worked closely together for more than a decade, the two organisations’ shared passion for conserving urban biodiversity, environmental education and supplying native plants to local people forms the vision of Westgate Biodiversity.

With the SKINC nursery slated for open space as part of the State Government’s plans for Fishermans Bend, SKINC coordinator David Sparks said the new organisation would be located on a purpose-built retail plant nursery at Westgate Park in the future.

“The idea is to have that focal point with the ability to have community workshops,” he said. “We can also better showcase what local native plants can do because Westgate Park has over 300 species of local plants that are growing to their full potential so you can really ramp up that educational aspect.”


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