An attractive move South

An attractive move South
Sean Car

Complete with a brand new vertical primary school and community park, the Montague Precinct is starting to attract more local families like the Colemans.

Relocating from their Southbank apartment, Tim and Kaman and their two children Owen (four) and Mila (two) have recently purchased a spacious new three-bedroom apartment in the South by Rothelowman development at 15-35 Thistlethwaite St.

Commencing construction this month, the eight-storey development will be the first in the precinct to do so since the completion of the new South Melbourne Primary School and Kirrip Park, leveraging off the area’s growing family assets.

Architect Rothelowman’s striking building design has been strongly influenced by the area’s new amenities. From the outset, developer Ruiyi Australia emphasised a strong yearning to provide homes fit for families and downsizers, with the vast majority of the development’s 49 apartments consisting of two and three bedrooms.

South will also include ground floor retail space, as well as a roof top deck offering beautiful views of the CBD and Port Phillip Bay.

With two growing children and a business located in the CBD, Tim Coleman said their new home would provide everything his family needed.

“It’s nailed it for us,” he said. “We lived in the area anyway and its proximity to the school, South Melbourne Market and the city is really convenient for everything we like.”


We didn’t want to move out of the city so we needed an upgrade from where we were in a two-bedroom to somewhere that was a bit bigger and had all of the stuff we needed nearby.


While development in the Fishermans Bend urban renewal area still remains largely stagnant, the Montague Precinct’s location within close proximity to the likes of Southbank, the CBD, South Melbourne Market and Albert Park is seeing it take shape much faster.

Also serviced by the 96 and 109 tram routes via City Rd and Montague St, the area’s wide streets and accessibility for cycling and walking gives it all of the hallmarks of a family-friendly community.

With plans to send Owen and Mila to South Melbourne Primary School in the future, Tim said the family was very much looking forward to moving into their new home.

“I really don’t know what the rest of this area is going to be like but it looks like a lot of effort is being put into making it a nice place for CBD families and for people who don’t particularly want to live out in the suburbs who work in the city,” he said.

“Having a third bedroom and a bigger living space for the kids, as well as being able to come down here and go to the park and the market during the week instead of having to take the car is going to make a huge difference.”

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