Another tower heads to VCAT

The developer of another planning Sturt St planning application bound for the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) is seeking approval for a tower that is higher than what was originally proposed.

Developer G3 Projects Pty Ltd will head to VCAT in February after the City of Melbourne failed to issue a permit within the prescribed time for its proposal for 175 Sturt St.

Having originally submitted a 13-storey proposal (40 metres), the developer has since amended its application to a two-tower proposal and increased the overall maximum height of 50 metres and 16 storeys each.

The proposal follows the trend of neighbouring developments at 135 and 153 Sturt St, both of which have already won approval at VCAT. All three developments have elected to go higher than the 40-metre discretionary height limit imposed on

Sturt St under the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

Local resident and planning lawyer Kristoff Lajoie said that while the new proposal was higher than its original form, it was of an appropriate size and scale for its corner position on Sturt and Miles streets.

“In terms of height and ratio, this proposal is surprisingly reasonable – unlike the other proposals at 135 and 153 Sturt street, which flagrantly exceeded the limits,” he said. “There is no overshadowing at all.”

“The ground floor levels offer arts space and retail. I am certainly of the view that Sturt St needs some street level activation and retail, whether it’s shops or cafes, will bring some appeal to the presently industrial-chic area.”

If approved, the two towers would include 350 apartments, 187 car parking spaces and flexible ground floor tenancies for arts, retail and hospitality.

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