Anthony’s bold switch pays off

After 20 years working in database analytics, Anthony Basheer made the incredibly brave step to throw away his comfortable office job and financial security in pursuit of an occupation that he had practically no experience in.

“I always wanted to do something creative and technical,” he said. “I did like the logical and intellectual side but I just needed that adrenalin rush. I didn’t want to go into an office everyday.”

A series of coincidences led Anthony to sign up for the Advanced Diploma of Photography at Southbank’s Photography Studies College (PSC).  

“My base level of knowledge was extremely low,” he recalled. “I didn’t even own an SLR camera until I started.”

Anthony said he almost immediately fell in love with the “perfect blend of creativity and technicality” that he found while learning the ropes of photography.

He told Southbank Local News just how much he enjoyed the process of learning.

“Every time I did something I thought it was really good. Then you realise how bad it was a few months later”.

As well as the educational side, Anthony’s time at PSC also presented a fantastic opportunity to make friends.  

“Yeah I loved it, I made some really close friends and the teachers were all wonderful. I liked it because of the people,” he said.

Since enrolling at PSC, Anthony has discovered his own particular photographic style.

Anthony said that a lot of his work is heavily influenced by the period of “style and morality” between the 1950’s and 1970’s.

In addition much of his work is highly “organised and structured” as well as being surprisingly devoid of people.  

“Deep down I think I’d like to (capture more people),” he said. “I know when I have done portraits that it’s extremely satisfying to capture the essence of a person.”

In terms of photographic highlights, Anthony told Southbank Local News about stumbling across a shoot almost by chance.

“I wanted an old dilapidated building. I noticed one day while reading the paper that the Bendigo City Council was selling a building very similar. So I rang up the council and managed to gain access,” he said.

“It’s surprising how you can access things you’d never normally be able to get to when you have a camera.”

Ultimately, Anthony’s brave career transition is one that a lot of people think about but never make the plunge themselves.  

Reflecting on his own personal journey, he said it hadn’t been easy. “People think you’re absolutely crazy!”  However, he said it’s one, which he is glad he started.

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When the circus came to Southbank

July 6th, 2022 - Robin Grow
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