Aspiring photographer embarks on a journey of endless learning

Anne Papadakis photography
Anne Papadakis photography

In pursuit of her “ultimate goal” to become a professional photographer, Anne Papadakis, a graduate of Advanced Diploma in Photography in December 2023 from Photography Studies College (PSC), is embracing a continuous learning journey.

Formerly an audiologist, Anne’s passion for photography was ignited by her grandmother’s travels and the captivating slideshows that followed upon her return home.

While also a “full-time mother”, Anne is dedicated to her career as a photographer, exploring the intricacies of the craft through extra classes at PSC.

“I had joined a photography club around 2013 in Alphington called Kommune which I really loved, but after a time I was ready to move in a different direction,” Anne said.


I loved the creative aspect of it, but I wanted to refine my skills and understand what made a photograph good and how I could make it better – PSC was a very good fit for me.


Anne’s photography is largely inspired by her desire to be a “fly on the wall,” capturing authentic moments of individuals in their natural environments, including her own family which has been the focus of four of the eight folios she has produced for PSC.

“My kids, my husband, and both of our families, who live in the US and Greece, have all had me follow them around with my camera,” she said.

“They all love it, I’m sure – especially when I send photobooks as presents.”

While trying not to “pigeonhole” herself, Anne’s passion for documentary photography is something that she hopes to pursue further with the skills she has gained from PSC.

In a recent PSC series, she ventured into photographing tango dancers, an experience she had not previously “had the aspiration to do”.

“I love photographing people in action, frozen in time, sometimes being ridiculous,” she told Southbank News.

“The great thing about documentary photography is that it covers all the bases; people, places, things, and not necessarily without flare.”

For Anne, the most enriching aspect of her PSC education has been the opportunity to explore diverse styles in her work, including a recent editorial and catalogue shoot for Tor-Label – a small, local fashion label that uses natural dyes.

“I used to wish I was an actor so I could try on different personas, and I feel like photography exposes me to different people and places and gives you a new perspective – it’s actually quite exciting.” 

With a new semester of classes ahead, Anne is “feeling positive about 2024”, while she continues to learn and evolve as a photographer. •

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