Bicycle security and safety

Bicycle security and safety

By Acting Snr Sergeant Damien Higgins - Southbank Police Station

With increases in cycling and the undisputed fitness benefits, Victoria has experienced a huge surge in sales during and post the lockdown period as people look for ways to stay fit and commute safely.

However, police in Southbank and the CBD have seen an escalation in bicycle thefts during recent months, particularly from residential streets and community locations and apartment complexes. So, what actions can you as a bicycle owner and rider do to prevent the theft of your bicycle?

The Southbank Police station is working collaboratively with the Southbank3006 residents’ group to promote Cycle Safe February and remind cyclists of the following safety and security tips …

Always lock your bike and use a good quality lock

Many bike thefts are crimes of opportunity. The best lock to keep your bike safe is a D-lock (also known as a U-lock). The D-lock is a solid, curved metal lock that generally provides higher level security and deterrence than cable or chain locks.

Lock your bicycle properly

Utilise bicycle parking infrastructure where possible. Check your bicycle can’t be removed or lifted off/over what you’ve locked it to. Park in well-lit public areas with CCTV coverage where possible. Don’t forget to take your lights, trip computer and accessories with you. If you have a high-end bike refrain from storing it in a storage cage in your apartment complex, keep it in your apartment. 

Make your bicycle identifiable

If your bicycle is lost or stolen, the chances of it being returned are improved if your driver’s licence number is engraved on the frame and you retain a record of the serial number. Having a photograph of your bike assists if posting on social media sites.

Remember to wear an approved bicycle helmet

Ride on the road in the direction of traffic flow and have front and rear lights fitted to your bicycle so you can be easily seen by all road users.

Locating owners of bicycles that have been found or seized by police is often difficult. If you are unlucky enough to be the victim of bicycle theft, the more details you can provide to police about your stolen bicycle will improve your chances of being reunited with it. 

Southbank Police will be holding another bicycle engraving event soon. Keep an eye out in Southbank News for dates. •

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