Brazen motorbike thief caught on video

Brazen Motorbike Theft Southbank
Brendan Rees

A video has captured the moment a brazen thief allegedly broke the steering lock of a motorbike parked on the sidewalk in Southbank before driving off. 

An eyewitness said they filmed the culprit in the alleged act which occurred on Southbank Boulevard, near Waterfall Lane, at around 11.45am on Sunday, April 7.

“We asked him ‘are you stealing a bike?’ and he said, ‘yes I am’,’ the eyewitness, who wished to remain anonymous, told Southbank News.

In the video, the man appeared to bang what appears to be a hammer into a screwdriver to break the steering lock of a blue Kawasaki Ninja while stunned onlookers watched on.


“I was shocked at what this person doing and why is he was stealing it. He didn’t even care people were around,” the eyewitness said.


“He was not even ashamed.”

The witness said they had been walking with their husband to the city when they stumbled across “someone doing something weird with a hammer” on a motorbike.


Video shows a thief allegedly stealing a motorbike on Southbank Boulevard.


“When he was trying to drive away, he was doing a circle on the sidewalk and he was trying to run us over … it was scary,” they said.

The man had a helmet on and was wearing a black jacket and carrying a camouflage backpack. He can be seen sitting on the bike while allegedly trying to steal it. 

There was also had a motorbike parked next to him, a black Kawasaki Ninja, which, the witness said he admitted to them to also having stolen.

The eyewitness said they reported the incident to police but also felt that it was important that the community were aware.

“I hope that maybe if more people are aware and on the lookout, maybe it can help bring this person to the police.”

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