Bringing the joy of music to South Melbourne

Bringing the joy of music to South Melbourne

Since launching more than 50 years ago in Australia, Yamaha Music School continues to embody Yamaha’s internationally designed curriculum by fostering student potential and nurturing their capabilities to express themselves through music. 

Music education is widely recognised for the multitude of positive benefits music can have on the brain, especially when introduced at an early stage of development. Yamaha Music School recognises these benefits and delivers courses specifically designed for your child’s age group, giving them an exciting and rewarding experience while learning music. 

There are four main values Yamaha Music School focuses on: a comprehensive music education, timely and age-appropriate learning, the strength of group lessons and their highly trained teachers.

A comprehensive music education

Music education can improve collaboration and social skills to build meaningful relationships. When a child attends a Yamaha Music School lesson, you may notice a difference in the way they interact with others. Playing music with friends is a form of teamwork, even in small ensembles. Children will have this wonderful opportunity to be a member of a team, listening to their friends play and playing along with them.

Timely, age-appropriate learning

Listening skills develop especially well at ages four and five and playing skills from ages six to eight. Yamaha Music Schools offer a balance between elements of listening and playing for each age group.

Lessons start with simple concepts and gradually increase the difficulty to draw out each child’s strengths. This broad exposure to the wonderful art of music from such a young age greatly enriches their sensitivity. Yamaha Music School students take the skills their lessons uncover with them well into adulthood!

Group lessons develop skills for the future

In group lessons, children get the opportunity to play music in an ensemble. Children play their parts, learning how they intertwine, how to listen and wait for their turn to play, and how to engage in musical dialogue with the other members of the ensemble. Through this experience, they naturally learn how to express themselves in the context of their own parts and how to collaborate with others.

The singular experience of helping each other, teaching each other, and making music together yields inspiration and stimulation that cannot be found elsewhere.

Experienced and engaging teachers

A part of what makes Yamaha Music School so unique is their teachers. Yamaha Music School teachers are highly trained and qualified musicians who are dedicated to delivering the very best in music education. 

Yamaha Music School teacher Rebecca Dwyer recalled, “I grew up with a strong love for music and I believe learning with Yamaha as a child is the reason for that. As I share the joy of music with my students and families each week in our lessons, I continue to be inspired by what my students are able to achieve through the excellent age-appropriate curriculum at Yamaha.”

This rewarding experience has now landed in South Melbourne at the prestigious Yamaha Premium Piano Centre on Market St, where you and your family can experience all things music from imagination to creativity. Enrolments are now open for 2023. Head to for more information on their courses and how you can enrol for next semester. •

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