A passion for people and service

Jumping on this new adventure 18 months ago, Manny and Alki Gerassimou knew it would be vastly different from anything they’ve ever done before.

They were ready for the challenge and, interestingly enough, they found along the way that some things don’t change, no matter what the industry!

Manny, a trained engineer, has worked in many industries ranging from the building industry to IT and then to hospitality!

In every position, no matter what the industry, providing top-notch customer service has been non-negotiable.

“However big or small a customer may be and whichever industry they may come from, if you treat them with genuine respect and provide them with the best solution possible, you’ll have them forever,” he said.

This value is what he applies daily as business owner of Kwikkopy St Kilda Rd and Fitzroy. Printing may be thought of as a “dead” industry today.

Online marketing and communications is now the norm and has really changed the playing field. However, Manny is a firm believer that print and online can and should, co-exist. When they do, the message is much more impactful and effective.

Integrating the two worlds has proven to create a more memorable experience for customers as people still love to see and touch.

The examples are many. Handing over your business card when introducing yourself is still one of the most effective ways for someone to remember you and what your product or service is.

The way the card looks and feels can vary from finish to colour, size and even shape.

Stationery printing, i.e. letterheads, “with comps” slips, notepads, envelopes and folders are part of Kwikkopy’s day-to-day offering for many of its corporate customers.

Large format printing such as posters, window signage and banners is highly sought after by many retailers and Kwikkopy’s capabilities in this area have secured their customers’ loyalty.

Working with restaurants, bars and cafes in the printing of menus, promotional postcards and sourcing of specialty paper, is an additional area that Manny has enjoyed as it takes him back to his fun hospitality days.

“I love the diversity of Southbank and the Arts Precinct. You see business people lunching, tourists admiring the sites, groups heading to an exhibition at the Arts Centre or a play at the MTC. People are what make a business and I love working with them to help their brand shine. And that is our motto at Kwikkopy:


To discuss your printing and design needs with the Kwikkopy St Kilda Rd team call 9820 1188 or email [email protected]

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