Calls grow to ban motorbikes parking on footpaths

Calls grow to ban motorbikes parking on footpaths
Brendan Rees

Residents have voiced concerns about the recurring issue of motorbikes parking on footpaths and often blocking entrance doors along City Rd and other neighbouring streets. 

The growing frustration has prompted renewed calls for action by authorities, with resident groups saying motorbikes should be banned completely from footpaths, and allocated designated parking on the road. 

Among those concerned is Allan Gaw, a resident at Focus apartments on City Rd. He said the problem had persisted during the past few months, making it difficult for residents to access their building.

“I’m not against the parking but maybe they can park 10 metres away from the door, especially [not on] our footpath here from The Mantra hotel to the Adina hotel,” he said.

“I don’t mind the delivery bikes who park there [about] a very short time to do their job, but my concern is for the long-term parkers.”

“What annoyed me the most was when the fire alarm went off last early May one night and the front door was full of parked motorcycles, there was a congestion of people going out of the building. If those bikes were parked 10 metres away, residents could safely and easily get out.”



According to the City of Melbourne, motorcycles or scooters can park on footpaths unless otherwise signed. However, they must not obstruct pedestrians, public transport users, doorways, delivery vehicles or access to street infrastructure such as parking meters and public bins and parked cars.

The rules also state that riders must park their motorcycle “at least one motorcycle length out from the building line to allow free passage of pedestrians”.

Motorcycle parking is also not permitted on the footpath adjacent to any parking bay reserved for people with disabilities.

Southbank Residents’ Association president Tony Penna said he had raised similar concerns years ago on the issue, and believed motorbikes should be banned from parking on footpaths.

“I think the policy needs to be banned, that’s my position – that you can’t park your bike there,” he said, adding that motorcycles are also a hindrance to the elderly and disabled residents, as well as to parents with prams and people with mobility aids.

“The City of Melbourne is becoming more and more congested with pedestrians. We don’t think footpaths are the place for motorbikes. Bicycles – yes, but not motorbikes, we draw the line there.”

Southbank3006 community group vice-president Jannine Pattison said more alternative spaces needed to be designated for motorcycle parking, such as what had been implemented at Kavanagh St where one car space had been converted to accommodate three to four motorbikes. 



She said the council adopted the idea from Southbank3006 after residents raised “the problems with motorbikes and scooters cluttering the already narrow footpaths along Kavanagh St”.

Ms Pattison said the designated parking had already reduced hazards while also seeing fewer motorcycles riding on footpaths. 

“Designated spaces for motorcycles are imperative to keeping footpaths free from congestion, and if street parking is to remain then spaces should be converted to accommodate motorcycles.” •

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