Captivating sculpture unveiled in Montague

Brendan Rees

A striking new sculpture exploring the history of flooding and the current rising water table within the Fishermans Bend precinct has been unveiled.

Located in Kirrip Park, South Melbourne, the $300,000 sculpture called Waterlines, which is made from glass-fibre reinforced concrete, resembles a local roof peak reflecting the residential and industrial heritage of the Montague area.

The piece was created by renowned Australian artist Ian Strange and was funded and gifted to the City of Port Phillip by Wonderment Walk Victoria, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing public spaces with art with a scientific and environmental focus.

In addition to exploring local stories and water management, the sculpture also addresses climate change and the possibility of future urban flooding.

“One of my favourite things from the research was finding the photos of the floods and seeing kids floating down the street on doors and playing in the floods,” Mr Strange said.

“The sculpture itself is based on a series of cuts taken out of timber-framed homes and so really replicates a lot of the tropes of those early workers’ homes in the area.”

The sculpture was installed in April 2020, shortly after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the work was celebrated with an official launch event July 20, which was attended by City of Port Phillip Mayor Heather Cunsolo.


Wonderment Walk Victoria founder and chair Eddie Kutner, who was also present at the event, said their organisation was proud to donate the piece.

“It is vital for Melbourne to maintain its pre-eminent position as a knowledge and vibrant city, not just for the financial benefits which come from the recognition of international education and tourism, but also for the quality of life of its residents.” •


Caption: The Waterlines sculpture was launched in South Melbourne with a celebratory launch in July.

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