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18 Mar 2013

What makes a wagamama person?

Upon meeting new Southbank restaurant wagamama’s manager Mitesh Kothari he describes “wagamama people” to Southbank Local News and explains why he wants to fill the franchise’s latest venue with them.

“We call it a wagamama people. When we interview potential employees we have a check-list: bubbly, likes the work, likes to give great service and likes the food. Then we can say, you’re a wagamama person, you can be in the team,” Mitesh told us.

He should know. In many respects, Mitesh is the ultimate wagamama person.

Mitesh moved to Melbourne to study almost 10 years ago and took up a part-time job at wagamama in the city.

In the ensuing nine years, he has worked his way through the ranks, and has worked at every single wagamama store in Melbourne.

This loyalty has paid off as, not only is Mitesh the manager, but he’s basically filled every role he oversees, giving him a unique ability to run the restaurant.

He told us he had enjoyed the challenge of moving from Chadstone to Southbank.

“I was enjoying my job at Chadstone – everything was pretty much perfect. This is almost double in size and I really wanted to challenge myself in taking this on.”

“We’ve got a team who enjoy the work like me,” Mitesh said.

“I’m trying to be part of the marketing activity, which I’m enjoying expanding my horizons.”

There is little doubt that its location is one of the major strengths of the latest wagamama, sitting on level one at Southgate, with views across the river from inside the restaurant, and even more spectacular ones from its dining balcony.

“It’s an amazing location. You just come out onto the balcony and you can almost see the entire city. And then at night, it’s just spectacular. It’s the best location we could hope for,” Mitesh said.

He said the restaurant had a great flexibility, in that it could cater for a three-course sit-down dinner, as well as busy lunchtime diners.

“For lunch, we have more business people. They only have an hour break usually, so we do quick service for them and we’re very comfortable in that space.”

“Visitors who want to stay a bit longer also love it here. Wagamama is in about 15 countries and we’ve had a lot of tourists come in because they know the brand. Our menus are pretty similar across the world, so they feel comfortable here. It’s a good sign we’re on the right track.”

With $16 lunch specials, a massive array of Japanese cuisine and a “kids eat free” offer, there’s no excuse not to make wagamama your next stop for a quick and easy lunch, or a night out on the town.

For more information on wagamama head to its website or call the Southbank location on 9696 9140.

Out and about? We'll keep your pet company

Craig and Paula Scher say it’s hard to get cat sitters at a reasonable price here in Southbank.

And they would know.

They live in Freshwater Place, they have a cat named Chow and they have tried many different sitters and cat-care centres, but have never really found one they’ve been happy with.

That’s why they set up Your Pet Company. Their extensive knowledge of cats, coupled with living here in Southbank means they provide a service to Southbank locals that is far superior to anything they have experienced before.

“It’s especially difficult to find a service at an affordable price. People usually have a surcharge for parking in Southbank. We are here, so we obviously don’t have to park,” Paula said.

“It’s a premium service, but at an affordable rate,” Craig added.

Paula said there were many reasons why people needed a petsitter and, because of its location, Your Pet Company had the ability to attend on almost no notice.

“It’s not only if you’re away on holiday, it might be that you’re held up at work and your pet needs food or medication,” Paula said.

Both Paula and Craig have been around animals for most of their lives. Paula grew up on what she said would now be described as “a small farm” with hundreds of animals.

“We constantly had sick animals around and we’d always be looking after them,” Paula said.

Craig too grew up in an animal-loving household, describing it as a “cat-loving home.”

“We loved cats. I loved them so much I even played Busterfer Jones in an adaptation of Cats the musical,” Craig explained.

“It’s not just a business idea for us. It’s a passion. We know how people feel about leaving their cats and how they’d hope to look after them,” Paula said.

The couple also know you’d want to know the people you’re letting into your home and are happy to provide a no obligation meet and greet with cat owners before they enlist their service.

“It’s important to have a level of trust,” Craig points out.

If you’re looking for a cat-sitting service call Paula on 0439 427 084 or check out the Your Pet Company Facebook page because, as Paula says, “it’s all about the cat.”

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