Consultation launches on Southbank’s parking review

Consultation launches on Southbank’s parking review
Brendan Rees

The City of Melbourne is seeking the community’s say on a neighbourhood parking review for Southbank as the council delivers its Parking and Kerbside Management Plan.

The council is reviewing and updating on-street parking across the municipality as it looks to optimise kerbside space and make parking signs as “simple and as consistent as possible”.

On-street parking improvements are currently being undertaken in the CBD and Southbank (north of City Rd) while community consultation gets under way to review kerbside parking south of City Rd/Southbank Boulevard, St Kilda Rd, and the gardens precinct.

“After we decide how we’ll allocate the local kerbside space, we’ll draw up detailed designs for changed parking conditions,” the council said.

“Next, we’ll schedule the works to make those changes. That schedule will be based on completing parking improvement works in the previous neighbourhood (the central city), and the impact of other works and activities going on in the neighbourhood.”

Parking improvements to Southbank are expected to be introduced next year.

Lord Mayor Sally Capp said the changes to parking would be “simpler, fairer and more reliable”.

“We know each neighbourhood has a different mix of community members and needs – whether that’s access to services, shopping, restaurants, or parking near your home,” she said.

“We encourage you to share your thoughts about how parking in your neighbourhood could better meet your needs.”    

Under the council’s draft Parking and Kerbside Management Plan, it noted “indicators of success” were reduced reliance on parking, increase in carshare places, reduced “vehicles cruising” to find a park, and improved urban amenity.

Community engagement for Southbank runs until November 29. A workshop will be held at the Boyd Community Hub on November 9 from 5.30pm to 7.30pm. •

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