Crown Melbourne unveils world’s first exclusive Grey Goose bar

Le Martini Crown Melbourne

In celebration of Australia’s leading premium vodka, Crown Melbourne has opened the doors to the world’s first standalone Grey Goose bar.

Standing as a tribute to the iconic martini, Le Martini invites guests to immerse themselves in luxury while indulging in the quality and craftsmanship of Grey Goose French vodka.

With every detail meticulously curated, Le Martini offers an intimate experience tailored for up to 34 discerning cocktail enthusiasts and adventurous spirits alike.

“We are thrilled to welcome our guests to Le Martini to experience Crown Melbourne’s world-class hospitality,” Crown Melbourne’s executive general manager for food, beverage and retail, Enda Cunningham said.

“Le Martini is a fantastic addition to Crown Melbourne’s notable bar offering, providing our guests with an intimate venue, perfect for a pre- or post-work dinner cocktail. We look forward to our guests embracing Le Martini and celebrating one of the world’s most popular cocktails, the martini.”

The martini, renowned for its personalised nature, takes centre stage at Le Martini.

Whether shaken or stirred, wet or dry, this revered cocktail demands to be savoured, echoing Grey Goose’s ethos of simplicity and sophistication.

Within the confines of its two core ingredients lies a world of endless possibilities, a sentiment reflected in the tailored approach taken by Le Martini's expert bartenders.



Le Martini will also feature a rotating line-up of world-class bartenders tasked with curating bespoke cocktail menus alongside Grey Goose’s signature martinis, with award-winning, industry icon Dale DeGroff curating the first guest menu.

“We’re living in the most extraordinary time when it comes to cocktails and so I’m delighted to create the opening menu at Le Martini, a bar that is dedicated to this iconic drink,” Mr DeGroff said.

Known as the “King of Cocktails”, Mr DeGroff is renowned for his pivotal role in revolutionising cocktail culture in the 1980s while working at New York’s legendary Rainbow Room.

Mr DeGroff’s inaugural menu, which acknowledges the martini's storied past while infusing it with contemporary flair, includes Harry's Original, a homage to the first-ever printed martini recipe, the Grey Goose Millennium Dry, a crisp concoction celebrating the dawn of a new era of the martini, and the Grey Goose Martinié Speciale, a decadent blend of blanc vermouth and Sauternes.

“I wanted to show the evolution of the martini from what was served in 1888 to the 19th and 20th centuries and paying tribute to the new millennium, so we’ve made that happen, all using the exquisite Grey Goos vodka which has been my go-to vodka since I participated in the world release in New York City in 1997,” Mr DeGroff said.

Staying true to Grey Goose’s renowned French craftsmanship, the culinary offerings at Le Martini are courtesy of Bistro Guillaume at Crown, from freshly shucked oysters paired with a classic mignonette, to a luxurious caviar experience complete with blinis and crème fraiche.

With each dish expertly crafted to elevate the martini experience, Le Martini is an unforgettable fusion of French sophistication and Melbourne’s vibrant culinary scene.

Le Martini is located on the Ground Floor at Crown Melbourne and is now open Thursday to Sunday from 5pm until late.

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