Detroit style pizzas are back at Arbory Afloat

Detroit style pizzas are back at Arbory Afloat

Delicious Detroit style pizzas (DSP) are back at Arbory Afloat for a limited time only, but this time, with a Turkish twist.

Melbourne’s iconic floating bar and restaurant Arbory Afloat will reignite its DSP pop-up for another year offering a special menu of signature, deep-pan goodness until Sunday, April 3.

Available every day from 11.30am, the limited menu features five specialty toppings but with only 75 of the eight-by-ten-inch cheesy rectangular pizzas up for grabs each day, you’ll want to get down quickly or miss out!

Known as the upside-down pizza, DSPs are built in reverse and topped with a healthy dose of cheese running edge to edge and an array of other fresh ingredients, before then baked in a hot deck oven.

The result – a fluffy pizza with crispy edges, a slightly chewy centre, and flavour sensation.

Curated by Arbory Afloat’s resident pizza aficionado Salim Gafayri (ex-Bar Nacional and Cecconi’s Flinders Lane) and executive chef Nick Bennett, the duo has been busy working on a fresh new menu to complement this year’s season.

“This year, Arbory Afloat has resurrected to transport guests to the Turquoise Coast in Turkey. With a new theme came a new menu, which we filled with classic and contemporary Turkish dishes, so it only made sense that this would be carried through to our DSP pop-up,” Mr Bennett said.

Salim Gafayri said, “It’s been fun playing around with new tastes, and incorporating robust flavours like Isot Biber, a dried Turkish chilli pepper, sumac onions and toum aioli. This could be my favourite menu yet.”

The DSP pop-up will feature margherita, supreme, lamb adana, hot smoked salmon and chicken pizzas for $29 each •

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