Engineer inspects intersection following community petition

Brendan Rees

The Department of Transport has undertaken an in-person inspection of the Kavanagh St and Power St intersection after a resident raised concerns of safety.

Local road advocate campaigner Jannine Pattison launched a petition last year, saying the intersection needed an urgent safety upgrade after witnessing multiple crashes at the site.

An expert engineer from the Department of Transport recently met with Ms Pattison to assess the intersection.

“A visual inspection of the intersection was carried out during that visit, and further site analysis was carried out,” the Department of Transport said.

“We will continue to monitor traffic and safety at this intersection, however, there are currently no plans to make any changes at this intersection.”

A Department of Transport spokesperson said it would continue to monitor traffic and safety at the intersection, “however, there are no plans to make any changes at this time”.

“Keeping all road users safe is our number one priority, and we continuously explore ways to make our roads safer, working alongside road safety partners like councils and Victoria Police.”

Eight crashes have been recorded at the site in the five years to December 30, 2020, two of which resulted in serious injuries, data shows.

Ms Pattison said she hoped to see the speed limit reduced to 40km/h between Kavanagh St and City Rd as well as speed cameras installed.

“Not a week goes by where there is not an accident or a near miss, and as we come out of COVID restrictions the traffic will only increase once more,” Ms Pattison said in the petition she launched last year •

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