Excellent vision: what this optometry practice does differently

Excellent vision: what this optometry practice does differently

Bellocchio Eyewear stands out as an expert for Biometric Intelligent Glasses by renowned eyewear company Rodenstock.

At South Melbourne’s Bellocchio Eyewear, your vision is in the best hands: Emeline’s team has been awarded “Expert for Biometric Intelligent Glasses“ by Rodenstock for its technical equipment and expertise at the highest level. Here you get glasses of unparalleled quality: with B.I.G. EXACT – exact biometric lenses by Rodenstock.

Exact vision is a matter for experts 

According to Emeline at Bellocchio Eyewear, “this award confirms one of our core values: your perfect vision.”

“That’s why B.I.G. EXACT inspires us – because the lenses are made precisely for your eyes.” 

The advantage? “Your eyes move up to 250,000 times a day. With B.I.G. EXACT you can enjoy the sharpest possible vision with the highest contrast every time you look at something.”

Better vision at dusk

This impressive precision is possible because Bellocchio Eyewear captures thousands of measuring points for each eye with the DNEye Scanner by Rodenstock. These then flow directly into the lens production process. The lenses are calculated so that they fit each individual eye precisely, down to the micrometre.  

An exact biometric eye model …

Whether it’s single vision, progressive lenses or computer spectacles, the biometric precision is unrivalled. 

Those who want to experience B.I.G. EXACT lenses themselves, can book an eye test at Bellocchio Eyewear. For more information, scan their QR code on page 11 of this edition of Southbank News or visit

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