Getting back to basics

Getting back to basics

The recent community sentiment survey results are used to help identify and address what matters most to local communities through Victoria Police’s back-to-basics Neighbourhood Policing initiative.

Our goal is to always ensure safety for those who live, work, and visit Melbourne. From the survey results Southbank and Melbourne East police will continue to have effective dialogue, engagement and education between local CBD police and traders, residents, workers and students to address any issues or risks that the community require a policing response.

There is a dedicated 24/7 robust police presence in the city, supported by regular proactive operations to prevent crime, target offenders and improve overall safety in the city.

Uniform police from Southbank and Melbourne East are regularly supported by specialist units including transit police and PSOs, Public Order Response Team, Highway Patrol and Mounted Branch to patrol the city and ensure safety.

Operation MY City is continuing to provide a high-visible policing presence around late night precincts, working with licensed venues to provide a safe and vibrant late night environment within the Melbourne CBD.

Operation Petrichor-Winter, Operation Broom and Transit Operation Agora were conducted recently in Melbourne during July which saw 28 people arrested and nearly 100-plus infringements notices issued; outstanding warrants, drug possession, weapon offences and traffic offences.

Operation Protocol is an ongoing, joint operation run by police with The Salvation Army and City of Melbourne to engage with people experiencing homelessness in Melbourne and ensure they have access to essential services. 

The operation also targets anti-social behaviour around Elizabeth, Swanston and Bourke streets, Southbank and Flinders Street Station. 

The priority for Victoria Police is to link people who are sleeping rough to the services available to them, however, if an offence is detected, police will deal with the matter at hand.

Survey results for Melbourne:

  • Number of survey respondents in 2023: 558
  • Top four safety concerns in 2023:
  • Safety in public places (street violence, verbal abuse or harassment, anti-social behaviour).
  • Drugs and alcohol (people affected by drugs or alcohol, public drinking or drunkenness, taking illegal drugs).
  • Road safety (e-scooters, hoon driving, speeding)
  • Safety of my property and possessions (theft, property damage, home burglary).
  • Perception of safety – people’s feeling of safety in Melbourne (scale of one to five, one is very unsafe, three is neutral, five is very safe):
  • 2023: 2.9
  • 2022: 2.6
  • How safe has the Melbourne community felt in public places?
  • Majority of the respondents felt safe at home both during the day and at night.
  • Majority of respondents felt safe at public places during the day.
  • Feelings of safety at night-time has improved when compared to the 2022 results. 59 per cent of respondents felt unsafe at public parks or spaces at night-time, and 51 per cent felt unsafe on the streets or footpath at night.
  • Are you comfortable talking to police and PSOs?
  • 64 per cent said, “yes”
  • 24 per cent said, “no”
  • 11 per cent said they were unsure •
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