Hamming it up with Jamón

Hamming it up with Jamón

Whenever Monica and Javier frequent Boyd Park with their seven-month-old groodle, Jamón, he’s usually the smallest in size, but the biggest in personality.

“It’s crazy that he’s a medium size – he’s not even as big as groodles usually get!” Monica said.

Jamón is a bundle of fun, all golden locks, boundless energy, and a loveable nature. He’s always willing to keep Monica and Javier on their toes, yet he’s a very spoilt and treasured pooch.

The couple are originally from Colombia but moved to Melbourne seven years ago, and recently decided to add a new member to their family. They bought Jamón from a breeder down on the Mornington Peninsula and have been incredibly happy with their young dog.

“Jamón” translates in Spanish to “ham”, however Monica and Javier also view their pup’s name as a hybrid of their names, almost like a celebrity couple name – “‘Ja’ and ‘Mon’ equals Jamon!” Monica said.

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