Help Ray White Southbank raise $10,000

Help Ray White Southbank raise $10,000
Jack Hayes

Ray White Southbank is hoping to raise $10,000 as part the annual Jeans for Genes fundraising event for the genetic condition community.

Starting with the weekend beginning Friday, August 25, the Ray White team will be decked out in double denim to open inspections and are encouraging all Southbankers to follow suit.

Ray White Southbank principal Andrew Salvo told Southbank News his team would be reaching to all corners of the community, encouraging them to dip into their pockets in the name of a great cause.

“We will be encouraging our customers to donate through our open-for-inspections, we will be reaching out to our large network of landlords, renters and vendors,” Mr Salvo said.

“The weekend of August 26 we will be dressed in double denim for our open inspections and encourage anyone in the marketplace on that Friday to wear denim as well.”

“We will also be doing a targeted social media campaign promoting our team to raise awareness for Jeans For Genes and get some community engagement. We are hoping to raise around $10,000.”

Mr Salvo said, the real estate industry is, by its very nature, heavily focused on financial gains.

By shifting that focus and raising some awareness for members of our community that are doing it tough, it has been invaluable, not only for those charities who will benefit from the funds raised, but also for Ray White Southbank’s workplace culture and mental health.

“As a business owner, you have to give back, not just financially, but also in terms of our resources,” Mr Salvo said. “We have a large customer base in the area and access to a lot of people, so utilising that and raising funds for a good cause is a great thing to do.”

“Along with Genes for Jeans we also have our annual ‘A little Ray of Giving’ each Christmas, where our Ray White team, our customer base and the wider Southbank community, donate presents to Launch Housing to get gifts to kids who wouldn’t receive them otherwise.”

While fundraising efforts are in full swing, Mr Salvo explained, Southbank’s sales and rental market continued to punch above its weight.

“We had a record financial year. Southbank has seen a little bit of price growth but is seeing a flood of first home buyers cashing in on Australia’s best value for money market,” Mr Salvo said.

“We haven’t witnessed the price drops that you are seeing in other areas. We are seeing strong interest from around the country as Southbank shows a great level of value.”

“The Australian dream of buying house and land is becoming lost. There is a shift of people who are entertaining apartment living and stamp duty savings for first home buyers.” •

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