Here is a chance to have your voice heard

Here is a chance to have your voice heard
Trisha Avery

Do you live in Montague Precinct (Fishermans Bend) of South Melbourne? Would you like to have your voice heard?

Dear readers, the time will be coming soon for me to pass on the joy of writing this column. I continue to be honoured that I am trusted to represent the extraordinary Montague Precinct of Fishermans Bend, and to work with the community, the City of Port Phillip and the Fishermans Bend Taskforce and Development Board.

Early last year I moved my residence to Southbank but was lucky enough, most days, to still be in the Montague Precinct and remained closely connected to the community and local businesses. However, in 2022 my circumstances have changed, and I will not be in the precinct on a regular basis.

I am a great believer that to represent a community, you need to be an active member of that community and not be an observer who lives elsewhere. Therefore, if you live or work within the Montague boundaries, and would like to have this opportunity we would welcome you getting in touch. You don’t need direct writing experience, but it is important that you have passion, interest, ability to connect with the Montague community, local businesses and government and local council.

When I started almost six years ago, I had never written a column. Sean Car, the editor of Southbank News (and owner of Hyperlocal News, which  publishes many fantastic local papers), took a risk and asked me to contribute and the Southbank News grew to cover the Montague Precinct.

I am sure the first few columns were quite clunky, but it has become a joy to write and work with Southbank News. So, even if you have no experience please don’t let that get in the way of contributing.

Sean and his team are great mentors and I will be around for a while to support whomever it is that is fortunate to get this opportunity.

On another matter, in my new role as co-founder and committee member of Southbank3006, I spoke at a Future Melbourne Committee meeting of the City of Melbourne (CoM). It was interesting to hear the perspective of how CoM is working on its Fishermans Bend precinct – Lorimer – and to hear the news of the new massive development about to appear close to the Montague Precinct. I have put in a request to speak to the Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece, who is the lead councillor of the council’s planning portfolio, to ask him about how he sees the Lorimer Precinct interacting with the Montague Precinct and I look forward to reporting on that in my next column.

So, once again, dear readers, please get in touch at [email protected] or directly to [email protected]

Stay safe, be kind and remember how lucky we are here in Melbourne •

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