Hooligan caught on cam jumping on parked cars

Brendan Rees

A Southbank resident has spoken of their disgust and frustration after their car was stomped on while parked in Kavanagh St on January 30.

Chris, who asked not to use his surname, said dash camera footage from his car had captured the moment a male jumped on his Audi sedan at around 2.20am on January 30.

The footage showed a man carelessly jumping onto the bonnet of the car before climbing over the windscreen while others, who appeared to be with the male, watched on.

“His mates egging him on and not preventing him from causing damage to other people’s cars and belongings shows no concerns for others,” he said.
“I have a scratch on the bonnet of my beautiful blue car and a dent on my roof which I still am yet to repair because I know it’ll cost me a few hundred maybe around $1000 in repairs to have the car looking like it was before the early hours [when the incident occurred].”

Moments before the culprit jumped on Chris’s car, the male had jumped on the roof of a car parked in front of his, before jumping off and stumbling to his feet on the road.

Chris said he was angry over the incident and wanted to call out the offender’s behaviour.

“I want the community to know and see how selfish that p**** was, with zero concern for other people’s belongings,” he said.


This was the first time it’s happened to me. I want others within the community to stay vigilant when leaving their cars parked outside publicly.


“To think it happened in a cosmopolitan suburb of Southbank just disgusts me further.”

Chris said he has reported the matter to police but was told because no-one was injured, nor was his car broken into, they couldn’t investigate.

He has therefore taken to Facebook community groups in hope of seeking help and warning others.

He said no-one had personally contacted him to say their cars had also been damaged. •


Caption: Video captured of a male jumping on cars in Kavanagh St. Photo: Contributed.

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