Living in a world of apartments is complex, ask your question

Living in a world of apartments is complex, ask your question

Inside every building is a story but one told from many different perspectives. Life within apartment living is complex. Join us as we answer your questions so we can all understand that world a little bit better.

Q: How are maintenance requests prioritised and addressed? And what is the process for reporting maintenance issues or concerns in buildings?

A: Whether it be a facility or strata manager, responsibility for maintenance requests are typically prioritised based on urgency and potential impact on residents’ safety or comfort. Residents can report maintenance issues through a designated channel, such as an online portal, via email, phone or in person. The management team alongside the elected committee then assesses the reported issues and coordinates with relevant contractors or service providers to address them accordingly.

Q: When are management meetings held, and how can residents participate?

A: Generally, there are two types of meetings, an annual general meeting (AGM) and committee meetings. Typically, an AGM is conducted once a year and no more than 18 months apart. At this meeting the important administrative issues are usually on the agenda including the election of a committee of owners, adopting budgets, disclosing insurance details and discussing strata management contracts. More regular meetings are then held by the elected committee which can be anything from weekly, monthly, or quarterly, but ultimately their timing is at the discretion of that committee. It’s during these meetings that the everyday running of the building is discussed and actioned such as quotations, maintenance and payment of contractors. The agenda items determine which of the meetings they be submitted to, but good practice suggests everyday matters be limited to committee meetings and serious matters to the AGM.

Q: Why in some instances within apartment buildings is the reference to a “body corporate” used, while others reference “owners’ corporation”?

A: Prior to 2007, body corporate was the sole terminology used. From 2008 when the Owners’ Corporation Act 2006 came into effect the terminology changed to owners’ corporation (OC). Interestingly, today the terminology is used interchangeably, especially because many of the management companies established in 2007 and prior use body corporate somewhere in their name. While the correct terminology is OC, in practice both refer to the same thing.

True story: As a facilities manager life is a rollercoaster of chaos and comedy. One minute you’re rushing to contain a flood caused by a rogue sprinkler head, listening to residents vent their frustrations. The next, you’re reviewing CCTV footage of someone dressed as an elf, diving headfirst into the rubbish bins in a pre-Christmas frenzy. It’s a whirlwind of absurdity, where every day brings a new plot twist in the sitcom of apartment living. From plumbing mishaps to festive dumpster diving, the adventures never cease.

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