Local candidate

Sean Car

Local single-mum Nathalie O’sughrue has thrown her hat into the ring to become Melbourne’s next Lord Mayor.

Ms O’sughrue said she was unaligned to any political party and was motivated to contest the by-election because she wasn’t happy with the status quo.

“I am merely a resident who decided that if I wasn’t happy with something I should do what I can to change it,” she said.

“A good lord mayor understands the people and their community. They listen to all sides of the equation and form their own opinion before deciding for the greater good. They are confident within themselves and know what they stand for,” the Southbanker said.

She said the three main issues facing the City of Melbourne were: the number of homeless seeking employment; alcohol and drug abuse resulting in violence; and access to mental health services.

Next month, Southbank Local News will publish a “form guide” canvassing the view of all candidates.

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