Loving the city life

Loving the city life
Brendan Rees

They may be different in size but Chubby the Cavoodle and his Husky mate named Caesar are totally inseparable.

The duo was recently spotted out during their walk out the front of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre at South Wharf with their owner Neeraj Bhagwatula.

“Caesar is a big boy, but he got used to Chubby pretty quickly,” he said.

Neeraj and his wife moved from Canberra to Melbourne with five-year-old Caesar three years ago. They then bought one-year-old Chubby when in Queensland just over six months ago.

“We had access to yards and a fair few dog parks, so he [Caesar] was totally living his life, but we moved to Melbourne and he took to it,” Neeraj laughed.

“He’s quite accustomed to the city life. He goes on nice long walks twice a day, about three hours in total.”

And added the energetic Chubby will always be up for long walks too because he “doesn’t want to be left alone”. •


Photo: Hanna Komissarova

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