Making the numbers work for you

Making the numbers work for you

At Chase Melbourne we speak your world – our modern tax and business advisory services help your enterprise capitalise, save, and grow.

All businesses need financial management, but not all need it full-time. Step in Chase Melbourne with advice on structure, software, accounting, bookkeeping, super, and tax planning.

Armed with international experience, Seth Patel founded Chase Melbourne in 2010. He sees himself as the go-to person for small businesses.

He’s a tax consultant as well as a business advisor. His hands-on approach simplifies taxation and accounting intricacies. His solutions-oriented advice gives his clients control of their finances. Maintaining client confidentiality is at the core of his values.

Chase Melbourne prides itself on trust and tenacity, and integrates and embraces technology in ways that encourage your growth.

Services include tax consulting, business accounting, software implementation, government grants, and SMSF services – for individuals as well as businesses, small or large.

The business advice is tailored. “I provide a service the way I’d like to receive it”, reiterated Seth, which is what makes Chase a boutique tax accounting business.

He’s also the client for a lot of his clients – small businesses around Southbank and South Melbourne. He acts as the financial voice of reason, and a lot of clients are now his friends for Sunday arvo beers.

A longstanding client sums up the brilliance of Seth and Chase Melbourne …

“Seth has been our accountant and business consultant for almost seven years,” a local business in South Melbourne said.

“He has provided us with exceptional advice and service over these years helping to grow our business from strength to strength, we trust him impeccably with all decisions made.”

“Seth continues to keep us up to speed on the latest developments that align with our business plan, he is a key part to our success and we can’t thank him enough for his incredible dedication to our business.”

To book a free 15-minute consultation with Seth, email [email protected]

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Seth has more than 15 years of professional practice and commercial accounting experience in the UK, Australia, India, and China. He is a member of CPA Australia and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK), and a Registered Tax Agent (Australia). •

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