Marg Alexander reignites her love of photography at PSC

Marg Alexander Photography

Marg Alexander, a first-year Bachelor of Photography student at Photography Studies College (PSC), has embarked on a remarkable journey of rediscovering her passion for photography.

Despite a “35-year gap” in-between picking up the camera, Marg’s love for capturing landscapes, particularly flowers, has been reignited through her studies at PSC.

Her fascination with photography was first kindled when she delved into a black and white film elective at TAFE after finishing high school, where she learnt to produce and develop her own film.

“I was really keen back then but got stuck into working and starting a family and getting life going,” Marg said.

“Photography slipped out of my mind for a lot of years, until my children were adults and grown up and left home, then I had some time to follow my own hobbies.”

Marg is particularly drawn to capturing the beauty of dying flower arrangements, where she enjoys the “post-production” of the photography process.

Utilising software such as Photoshop and Lightroom that she has become more familiar with through classes at PSC, Marg has been able to craft her own unique style of photography.



“I’m looking forward to working on my self-portraiture project, which is something I’ve not really done a lot of, but we have an assignment to work on it and I’m looking at putting a bit of a creative spin on it,” she told Southbank News.

Describing her experience at PSC as a welcoming and familial environment, Marg finds solace and mindfulness in the art of photography, viewing it as a therapeutic activity and allowing her to express her creativity.

“I absolutely love the environment, it’s a fantastic setup,” she said.

“To be with like-minded adults is fantastic, and it feels like a great big family situation, it doesn’t feel like tertiary education. I find it very calming and satisfying – it’s my me time activity.”

Despite the gap in time, Margaret’s dedication to photography shines through in her commitment to learning and exploring new techniques. •

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