Meet Melbourne Conservatorium of Music student Joshua Morton-Galea

Meet Melbourne Conservatorium of Music student Joshua Morton-Galea
Kaylah Joelle Baker

Get to know a student’s experience of studying at The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Fine Arts and Music.

Joshua Morton-Galea is currently studying a Master of Music (Opera Performance) at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music …



What attracted you to studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music?

There were many things. One would be the wonderful location that we have the privilege of working in, being right in the cultural heart of our wonderful city is such an inspiration for our practice. Other wonderful aspects of the Master of Opera Performance program is the real connection to our industry, getting to work with industry professionals, and really feeling that you are part of one big cohort.

Describe a typical week …

[This course] is a highly rewarding experience, and you are always working hard on multiple things, really allowing you to dive straight into your passion. A typical week will see you working in coaching sessions with industry professionals on scenes or role preparation, diction classes in the main European operatic languages, acting classes, and rehearsals for a major performance throughout the semester (on top of any solo practice you do day to day).

What inspires you?

The exploration of story and character. The beauty of operatic work is that you get to work with extremely fulfilling stories and ideas that are fully realised in music. Exploring the various interpretations that the music and text allow you is the most wonderful thing we get to do as singers (all, of course, while singing beautiful music.)

What’s been your favourite experience?

The ongoing collaboration with my colleagues and classmates. Being able to work in such a close-knit cohort of such wonderful and supportive people allows us all to work together and bounce off each other to grow as individuals, and as performers.

How do you feel connected to your industry?

We are constantly working on skills, roles, and performances that enable us to really feel connected to our industry. We are also blessed to be working very closely with a large number of working professionals who mentor us and guide us throughout our training, helping us take that next step towards the profession.

What are your goals for the next few years?

I’m looking forward to further immersing myself in the cultural world surrounding the music that I love to perform, while continuing to grow as a performer. My biggest goal would be to really find my own identity within my work, and really solidify myself as a performer.

Tell us more about your upcoming performance in The Grumpiest Boy in the World with the Victorian Opera …

The entire Master of Music (Opera Performance) cohort has the privilege of working with Victorian Opera as the cast of their education program show The Grumpiest Boy in the World composed by Joseph Twist, with a libretto by Finegan Kruckemeyer. Being able to work with the state opera company to put on such a joyous show is a truly wonderful experience, and an absolute privilege to have an insight from the industry professionals themselves. In this opera I have the pleasure of performing the titular role of Zachary Briddling who is a young, creative boy who wants to find his own uniqueness in the world, and his journey to discover it is a wonderful romp filled with bizarre and colourful characters. •


Captions: Headshot by Brent Lukey. Performance shot by Ben Fon.

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