Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s movie concert series returns

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s movie concert series returns

The last tickets are on sale for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra’s (MSO) eighth and final performance of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back this October.

Conductor Nicholas Buc will lead the MSO through an incredible performance of the iconic score by John Williams as the film is projected on the big screen at Hamer Hall between October 5 to 21; a night that will leave audiences breathless while others are left handless.

“As well as being a fan favourite in the series, The Empire Strikes Back introduces perhaps the greatest villain’s theme in cinematic history, The Imperial March,” Mr Buc said, adding that the film’s score was his personal favourite in the franchise.

“Williams’ bombastic music for Darth Vader has since come to represent everything evil in the Star Wars universe and, combined with his new love theme for Hans and Leia, this score improves on everything that Williams started in Episode IV.”

The MSO is a force to be reckoned with as they prepare for The Empire Strikes Back concert series, having already performed two other films in the Star Wars franchise including Return of the Jedi and A New Hope. •

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