Men’s shed opens, near Southbank

Men’s shed opens, near Southbank

* This article was published 10 years ago

Southbank handymen and women may not yet have their own space to work but in the mean time there has been a “Men’s shed” open in neighbouring South Melbourne, and it is encouraging Southbank residents to use the facility.

The shed is tucked behind the St Luke’s church on Dorcas St.

Peter Harkin has been at the forefront of the fight for a Southbank men’s shed and has joined the committee of the Port Phillip Men’s Shed. He said it was a good start for Southbank residents.

“It’s a relief after our two years of hard work on a Southbank men’s shed, to have something open up in our area. I’m hoping many other Southbank residents to come and have a look. It’s a good start,” Mr Harkin said.

Port Phillip Men’s shed president Peter Simmons said the response for a shed in the area has been overwhelming.

“When I first had the idea I just put a few boards out about a meeting and we got 50 people coming along who were interested,” Mr Simmons said.

The groups membership officer, Steve Ingrouille said until Southbank has a shed of its own, its residents were more than welcome to cross the border.

“We are absolutely encouraging Southbank residents to come down. It’s a great space and it’s not just a shed, it’s a social group. It’s a great way to get to know others from the area,” Mr Ingrouille said.

“There are some great jobs on offer at the moment, so the shed will not only be a place to partake in your hobby, there will be a real sense of achievement from the work as well.”

For more information you can head to the website or email Steve about becoming a member [email protected]

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