Milestone concert

Milestone concert

By Jacklyn Yeong

The Newsboys Foundation will be celebrating its 125-year milestone with a diverse cross-cultural concert – 125BPM – in collaboration with Melbourne Youth Orchestras (MYO) and Outer Urban Projects (OUP).

The 125BPM concert will be featuring talents of 60 young artists including an orchestra, rappers, beat boxers and gospel singers. It will be orchestrated in a fast, quick and bright allegro tempo under the direction of MYO’s music director Brett Kelly.

“Music has the unique ability to bring people together across enormous distances,” Mr Kelly said. “This celebratory event brings together a rich and inspiring diversity of young musicians.”

Mr Kelly will also be incorporating original compositions and arrangements by William Barton, Irine Vela and the OUP artists with classic orchestral works from Jean Sibelius and Gustav Holst.

Humbly established in 1893 as a club to support young Victorians, the Newsboys Foundation has offered young Victorians opportunities to realise and develop their skills to their full potential.

Bob Urquhart, a former newsboy, said joining the Newsboys Club changed his life.

“The club was something wonderful for the thousand of kids who passed through its doors,” he said. “It helped them when they were struggling and it was a place where they could have fun, where they could learn valuable skills. It set a lot of us up for a better life than we might have had without it.”

The 125BPM concert will be held at Melbourne Recital Centre on Sunday, October 21 with tickets from $12-$18 including a booking fee.

For ticket bookings contact 9699 3333 or browse to

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