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Trisha Avery

As we find ourselves in a “State of Disaster”, the Montague Community Alliance is looking at ways of how we can stay connected and engaged with each other.

If you are local and concerned about what these new restrictions mean in the first instance please go to, the City of Port Philip’s website ( or you can send us a direct message through our Facebook page, @MontaguePrecinct or Twitter @MontCommAlliance and we will do our best to offer what advice we can.

We also know that we have a lot of residents in the Montague Precinct with diverse language needs and we understand that both the City of Port Philip and Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) can provide assistance in multiple languages.

Please remember that by staying home we are ensuring that the time we are in this lockdown will be lessened and we can all get back to enjoying our wonderful precinct and community.

The Montague Precinct sits wholly within the City of Port Philip and in October we are going to be voting in councillors for a new four-year term.

It is really important that we vote for those who care about our precinct and who understand what it is like to be living in a continuous construction zone with no third-party rights.

It is important that the legacy of our area is not lost to those that just think we are now just an “education hub” and it is crucial that the candidates talk to us and ask for “lived experiences” and deep knowledge of the area.

There are a number of bureaucrats who are positioning themselves as Montague Precinct experts and we would suggest to any candidates reading this column that they recognise that it is we who are living and working here that provided the expertise.

This will be a postal vote so look out for the ballots. We have sent some questions about their views of Montague and we will be reviewing those for publication in the September edition of Southbank News.

We are now in the fifth month of this awful pandemic and it is clear that those working from home are doing it tough … we have had ongoing reports of people being so exhausted by not just long hours of work remotely, but by daily construction noise and dust.

We recognise that it is hard to see all the construction workers not socially distancing, and certainly not wearing masks as they work on sites and then walk from these sites to their cars parked near homes and other offices.

We do need to see that change. But know we are all in this together and we are happy to help and chat if you need to.

Please take care of yourselves, stay home and wear a mask if you need to leave home. We wish you all well •

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