More green space at Boyd as container is moved on

More green space at Boyd as container is moved on
Brendan Rees

A shipping container filled with community items next to the Boyd Community Hub in Southbank will be relocated following concern it was taking up precious green space.

The orange container, which is filled with items such as outdoor games, bean bags, deck chairs, and sporting equipment, was placed in its location as a temporary measure while construction of a 42-storey build-to-rent tower by developer PDG (next to the Boyd Community Hub) was completed next year. 

However, some residents were unhappy with the intrusion of the container on the green space and raised concerns about its impact on the aesthetics of the area.

In response, the City of Melbourne issued a statement on May 6 saying the container would be relocated in about six to seven weeks.

Deputy Lord Mayor Nicholas Reece said this “will have a big impact because it removes an ugly container from the park and increases the amount of open space available”.

“Well done to the residents of Southbank who got behind this issue, and well done to the team at City of Melbourne who helped find a solution,” he said.

“Together we made change happen and our local park is better for it. Three cheers for that!”

Sophy Galbally, president of the newly formed Active Southbank Community Association, said as a newcomer to Southbank she was taken aback after encountering a “massive shipping container towering alongside the historic building (of the Boyd Community Hub)”.

“This eyesore not only encroached upon the limited green space in the park but also symbolised a disregard for the community's needs,” she said.


As someone organising the Festival at Boyd (on May 19), I understand the importance of the park's space, particularly for events and gatherings. The spot where the container stands is crucial for our activities.


Community group Southbank3006 vice-president Jannine Pattison said she was all for increased green space in Southbank and supported the container being relocated “as long as the local community still have access to the outdoor activities within the container”.

The container has been onsite since council made the Boyd Community Hub available for community use.


Caption: Residents are rejoicing that a community storage container next to the Boyd Community Hub will be relocated, making way for more green space. Photo: Hanna Komissarova.

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