Mr Summit café goes global after Redfoo drops into town

Mr Summit café goes global after Redfoo drops into town
Brendan Rees

Word of Southbank’s Mr Summit café has taken off around the world after Redfoo, the popular American artist, helped to launch the café’s newest toastie creation in a video.

Redfoo, best known for his big hair and as one half of the electro-pop duo LMFAO, made a surprise visit to the City Rd café during his stay for the Australian Open.

The amazed café’s owners Tony Rouillon, Daniel Emerton and Jordan Setiawan saw his presence as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” and decided to reach out via social media in which he “responded enthusiastically”.

“At first, we were in disbelief, and finally over the moon about the whole situation,” the owners said.

Redfoo wasted no time the next day by spending two hours doing the shoot, in which he showcases his infectious energy in a throwback to the music clip of Party Rock Anthem, the best-selling single of all time in Australia.

The video, which promotes the “Redfoo toastie” containing vegan cheddar, vegan mozzarella, avocado, Italian oxheart tomato, and sesame seeds, has gone viral on Instagram – reaching an impressive 80,000 people.

“We believe this unique opportunity has opened up so many doors for us in the future, so the whole team is excited for what’s to come,” the Mr Summit team said. •

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