New-look outdoor stage returns for summer at the Malthouse Theatre

New-look outdoor stage returns for summer at the Malthouse Theatre
Brendan Rees

A reinvigorated outdoor stage at the Malthouse Theatre is set to enthral audiences when the popular live entertainment experience returns in February with a line-up of stellar acts.

The premier outdoor stage, which reopens for a third consecutive summer season, has undergone a major revamp thanks to the state government’s support and a Sidney Myer Fund head of the 2024 season.

Completed in November, the upgrade includes an abundance of outdoor seating, as well as a refurbishment to the bar and foyer, allowing for audiences to be treated to locally produced wines available from the Malthouse Bar, as well as Greek snacks from its new resident cafe Koyzina.   

The new-look outdoor stage has also made it easier to install and dismantle each season and to better support performers.

This includes courtyard resurfacing, an outdoor tech desk, electrical work, lighting and stage footings, along with upgrades to the Malthouse workshop to allow for a green room for the outdoor stage.

Malthouse artistic director and co-CEO Matthew Lutton said the upgrades would make for an “unforgettable summer of brilliant music, theatre and podcast entertainment”.

“We’re looking forward to audiences experiencing stellar acts, in a truly one-of-a-kind setting, under the night sky,” he said.


“The program will feature some of the country’s most exciting comedians including Reuben Kaye, Rhys Nicholson, Em Rusciano and music from Eliza Hull, and Snarkicircuslindyband.”


The outdoor stage program also features acts by writer Clementine Ford and musician Libby O’Donovan in “love Sermon”, as well as TV personality Osher Günsberg who will perform his inaugural live podcast recording, featuring an interview with leading health and fitness expert Sam Wood.

The program runs until March 2. •

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