No sign of when Ingles St tram boom gates will be restored

No sign of when Ingles St tram boom gates will be restored
Sean Car

A major tram intersection at the edge of the Montague Precinct in Port Melbourne remains without its boom gates while “a comprehensive safety review” is finalised by the Victorian Government.

The Ingles St tram crossing, home to the route 109 tram, has been without boom gates since the start of the year following a number of accidents, which saw them damaged and ultimately removed.

But the Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), which is the responsible authority for managing safety at the intersection, was unable to confirm to Southbank News if and when the boom gates would be replaced.

It said that with traffic lights operating and turning red when a tram is approaching the crossing, the boom gates were only a “secondary safety measure” and current signage and traffic controls had been deemed sufficient while it undertook a safety review.


“Keeping everyone safe on our roads and public transport network is our number one priority,” a DTP spokesperson said.


“We’re undertaking a comprehensive safety review at the Ingles St tram crossing in Port Melbourne with the current safety controls found to be consistent with road and rail safety guidelines.”

“We remind everyone to make safe choices on our roads and we urge drivers to pay attention and obey the traffic signals at the Ingles St tram crossing.”

The DPT said it had installed trailer-mounted variable message signs for road traffic to reinforce the need for compliance with the traffic signals while the boom gates remain out of operation.

In May 2023, Yarra Trams undertook a road safety audit which identified that the controls “were adequate, effective and sufficient” to warn drivers that the boom gates were not in operation and to proceed through the crossing with caution, while reinforcing a tram speed limit of 20 to 30km/h.

The DTP’s safety review is expected to be completed in mid to late October. •


Photography by Janelle Warner.

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